How do you calculate your wrist size?

Do you want to order, but are not sure which wrist size you have? You can easily measure this with our bracelet sizer tool, with this tool you can easily determine your wrist size yourself. You can easily measure your wrist size at home and you will always have the right bracelet size. 

You can order this bracelet sizer tool for free, you only need to pay a small deposit of €5.00 and any shipping costs. When you completed the transaction for the deposit we will send you a bracelet sizer tool so you will exactly know which size you should have and that will prevents disappointments after you purchase and possibly exchanging bracelets.

When you have the right size,  you send the bracelet sizer tool back to us and we will then refund the deposit or deduct any costs with you if you decide to purchase.

Do you want to use this option then you can order here.

Below is a small explanation to easily measure your wrist size. You can also click on this link and you will come to a website where it is explained in 3 ways (English)