Engraving ash jewelry

Ash jewelry is a very special item from a deceased loved one or pet. With a piece of jewelry that incorporates a little bit of ash, you literally always carry the memory of this person with you.

You can have your ashes jewelry engraved and personalized by us by placing an engraving. By engraving the as jewelry with a name or text of your choice, you create a unique item.

For example, a text or date or name on the outside or inside if possible. You can choose from two different fonts.

Below we have some examples of the possibilities (more pictures will follow), take into account the limited space on the ash jewelry. Names and date are almost always possible. If the ash jewelry of your choice has an engraving option then this is possible, if there is not a engraving option then it is unfortunately not possible to engrave this item.

Costs for engraving are € 7.95 per side or surface, if you would like an engraving on both sides the costs are € 7.95 per side.

If you have chosen the engraving option whit your order, we will contact you to ask which engraving you would like and which font you would like to have on the jewel.

If you have any questions or if something is not clear please send us a message with our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.