How to calculate your ring size

Cheappy sell's European and American ring sizes. We have the US sizes already converted to European ring sizes. So it is easier for you to make a choice.

Some tips to keep in mind, This prevents disappointments. A wide (8 mm) ring feels tighter to the finger, take a wide ring (8 mm) a half to whole size larger. If your ring size is not standard in the ring size table (for example, 17.8) then choose the nearest (larger) size.

Calculate your ring size preferably at room temperature. With heat and cold your fingers will get thicker or thinner. Your fingers may swell if you are pregnant or if you use certain medications.

Keep this in mind when measuring your fingers. Is your ring size between 2 sizes, choose the largest size. Do you have no idea what you ring size is you can use this link for an easy way to measure your ring size.

Ring sizer tool

Would you like to order, but are you not sure which ring size you have? With our ring sizer tool it is very easy to measure your ring size.

With this ring sizer you will know how the ring will fit before you are going to buy your ring. Easily measure your ring finger at home and you will always have the right ring size. 

You can order this ring sizer tool for free, you only need to pay a small deposit of €5.00 and any shipping costs.

When you completed the transaction for the deposit we will send you a ring sizer tool so you will exactly know which size you should have and that will prevents disappointments after you purchase and possibly exchanging rings.

When you have the right size, (on the ring that fits is a number) you send the ring sizer tool back to us and we will then refund the deposit or deduct any costs with you if you decide to purchase.

Do you want to use this option then you can order here.