Welcome to Cheappy in our store all items are low priced. We are mainly specialized in affordable exclusive steel jewelry including Stainless steel, Titanium and Tungsten, but of course we also sell other trendy unique items.

We from Cheappy strive to sell nice trendy quality jewelry affordable for everyone. Also for people with a small wallet. All our jewelry is of good quality and is always competitively priced.

If you want cheap wedding rings, and do not have the money for expensive gold rings than take a look at our Tungsten rings. These rings will last a lifetime and are very low priced.

You can buy a set of Quality rings for €34,98 euro. Feel free and have a look in our shop, and see for yourself.

Also with each order (minimum € 5.00), you can choose an item of choice in the category Your Free Cheappy .... !!!!

In this category, you will find more than 150 items from which you can choose. You will receive this item free with your order but only if your order is higher than € 5.00

Do not forget to put it in your shopping basket for checkout. This unique action is only valid for items in the category Your Free Cheappy .... !!

If you place a free item in your shopping cart and you are not entitled to it, your order will be canceled and your purchase amount will be refunded.

We would like to wish you a lot of shopping fun on our website if you have any questions or if something is not clear, please use the Contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible.